What is involved in the restoration process?

Firstly, we come to you to undertake an inspection of your furniture. And once it has been agreed between all parties what is required and the price is acceptable your account manager will then draw up the relevant paperwork which is then emailed to you.

secondly, once you have received all the paperwork a Non-refundable 50% deposit is taken and our SETMORE SCHEDULING SYSTEM will then generate your job number and a date and time when your furniture is collected, and or work commences on-site at your premises.

During this time you will be kept fully informed of all stages or progress of the work undertaken, with photographs, reports, and permissions to cover anything the Cabinet Maker / Restorer may feel would benefit the piece. But, no extras, alternatives, add-ons or alterations will take place without the client's express permission. At the end of the repair and restoration process, and the completion of the project the piece or pieces, once the final balance has been paid, will be returned to the client. 

Please be advised that all works undertaken by P. Davies Fine Furniture Restoration are fully insured to £3,000,000 covering all eventualities and are covered by a 12 months warranty.

Please take note of the information below when considering our prices. You are engaging Master Craftsmen and Craftswomen who have amassed decades of specialist skills that are priced accordingly in order to provide our clients with the finest quality and workmanship.


Once you have accepted a quotation either via text message, verbally and or via email, or other methods, please be advised that you have entered into a commitment with us. We have very limited workshop space at the moment despite Covid-19 restrictions and some people are committing to use our services and then not replying to our communications. This causes us a lot of problems as while we are waiting for those people to pay deposits and or honour their commitment to us we are turning other work away because of space available. Please, if you are not fully committed to using our services DO NOT accept our quotation thus leaving the diary open for others. Thank you.

on-site projects

We work on an hourly price basis. The hourly rate covers all materials, labour, transportation and insurance.


Please also note that if on the date that works are due to commence ON-SITE at the client's premises and a cancellation notification request HAS NOT been given

at least 24hrs prior to the date and time of commencement, for example, should a restorer arrive to commence the work and is turned away unexpectedly for whatever reason there will be a charge of £60.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you accept the above quotation so that we are able to make sure your projects are booked into our system.