Antique and Fine Furniture Restoration

Preserving The Original

Source:   Trustpilot         *****                                                        24/03/2021

Fantastic work, delivered with care and real love of his art.

We needed someone to repair what we thought 

was a burn mark on a card table we had inherited. 

We knew it had been in our family for a while. 

Paul was local, so we gave him a call. We're so 

glad we did! He took one look at our little table and 

immediately told us how old it was, what sort of 

wood it was and how he'd be able to help. He has restored it 

beyond our expectations Throughout the process, he has kept us 

informed, via photos and videos of his work, of the 

progress he has made. He has gone so far beyond 

what we expected. A "simple burn mark" has vanished 

and we now have a table that has been fully restored. 

His love of his work is clear. No hesitation, if you need 

someone to lovingly restore furniture, this is the man you should call

Mike & Janet Cushing. Fulwood. Preston.                 24/03/21


Experts in Cabinet making and antique furniture restoration 

with a combined experience timeline of over 115 years

Services Offered


furniture polishing

furniture scratch repairs

furniture waxing

wooden furniture restoration

longcase clocks

Vienna wall clock case repair

furniture repair

Furniture polish

Wooden furniture repair

Furniture scratch repair

Furniture restoration

Furniture repair

Antique furniture restoration

French restoration furniture

French polish furniture restoration

Furniture refinishing

Chair repair

furniture refurbishment


Veneer repairs – blisters, splits and shrinkage

Removing ring marks from surfaces

Repairing carved mouldings

Re-Canning (pre woven only)

Upholstery frame repairs

Restoring Finishes

French Polish

Antique and modern lacquer finishes

Oiled finishes

Wax finishes

Gilt finishes

Paint Finishes

French polishers

furniture repair & restoration

antique repair & restoration

cabinet making

cabinet repairs

wood turning

veneering and inlay

brass fittings

desk leather inlay


grandfather clocks

grandfather clock repairs 

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