Antique and Fine Furniture Restoration

Preserving The Original

Source:   Trustpilot         *****                                                        24/03/2021

Fantastic work, delivered with care and real love of his art.

We needed someone to repair what we thought 

was a burn mark on a card table we had inherited. 

We knew it had been in our family for a while. 

Paul was local, so we gave him a call. We're so 

glad we did! He took one look at our little table and 

immediately told us how old it was, what sort of 

wood it was and how he'd be able to help. He has restored it 

beyond our expectations Throughout the process, he has kept us 

informed, via photos and videos of his work, of the 

progress he has made. He has gone so far beyond 

what we expected. A "simple burn mark" has vanished 

and we now have a table that has been fully restored. 

His love of his work is clear. No hesitation, if you need 

someone to lovingly restore furniture, this is the man you should call

Mike & Janet Cushing. Fulwood. Preston.                 24/03/21


The Restoration Process

So What Happens Once You Have Contacted Us?........

Once we have received you're enquiry form, text message or email one of our team will contact you, or indeed answer your phone call. They will then take some details from you, and arrange a visit, which in some cases can even be the same day. 



Once all the works have been assessed, repairs and restoration requirements have been agreed, a formal estimate and or quotation will be submitted to you, with written confirmation emailed to you within 24hrs.


Once you have accepted a quotation either via text message, verbally and or via email, or other methods, please be advised that you have entered into a commitment with us. We have very limited workshops space at the moment despite Covid-19 restrictions and some people are committing to use our services and then not replying to our communications. This causes us a lot of problems as while we are waiting for those people to pay deposits and or honour their commitment to us we are turning other work away because of space available. Please, if you are not fully committed to using our services DO NOT accept our quotation thus leaving the diary open for others. Thank you.   



We work on an hourly price basis. The hourly rate covers all materials, labour, transportation and insurance. 

Once the quotation has been accepted a 

(non-refundable) deposit of 50% for all projects is taken prior to collection of your furniture,

  and must be paid no later than 24hrs before collection or inspection for insurance purposes. Please follow the instructions on the bottom of the paperwork sent to you via email. 


Please also note that if on the date that works are due to commence

ON-SITE at the client's premises and a cancellation notification request HAS NOT been given

at least 24hrs prior to the date and time of commencement, for example, should a restorer arrive to commence the work and is turned away unexpectedly for whatever reason there will be a charge of £60.


During this time you will be kept fully informed of all stages or progress of the work undertaken, with photographs, reports and permissions to cover anything the Cabinet Maker / Restorer may feel would benefit the piece. But, no extras, alternatives, add-ons or alterations will take place without the clients express permission.

At the end of the repair and restoration process, and the completion of the project the piece or pieces will be returned to the client, and the remaining balance is paid in full. Please be advised that all works undertaken by Esme-Restoritio & P.Davies Restoration are fully insured to £3,000,000 covering all eventualities and are covered by a 12 months warranty.

Our Team

Paul Davies

Owner / Master Craftsman / Polisher

With over two decades of experience and a passion for all things wood, and in need of repair and restoration, Paul is the guy to come to when you need that special piece made new again.

Duncan Hesketh

Cabinet maker and upholsterer. Duncan loves all thing wood, enjoys a challenge and is a first class upholsterer. 

Keiran O'Connelly

Head Carpenter / Cabinet Maker

Kieran is a time served certified and highly experienced cabinet maker with an amazing attention to detail and a passion for his craft that is second to none.

Adam & Jess

Two of our apprentice restorers. Full of enthusiasm and drive. These guys are going places in this industry.

John Saunders

Polisher / Finisher

John is a highly skilled and talented French Polisher with many years experience under his belt. He loves his craft and is extremely good at it too. 

Lucia Davies

(Paul's Wife)

Account Manager

The lady who looks after EVERYTHING.

Call us at  07516 408582 or Email: [email protected]